Friday, September 16, 2011


It’s so trivial how circumstances and time change a person in the blink of the eye. The people whom you once share your laughters and tears with are now the people you can’t even ask of the simplest things you can ask to strangers.

Ex-boyfriends, Ex-bestfriends/friends. Why is it that the people you are close with are also the same people who can give you the coldest spaces, glares and smiles?

If its pride or something, I believe there is still that special place in each others heart that is just waiting to be touched.


It’s the simplest thing on earth, but also the hardest to find. When I was a child, every time my friends and other people would ask me of what I want to be 1o years from then, I have the most of what someone would say what s/he wanted to be, but as I grow older, I learned that you won’t truly get the things as you planned and if you do, you will eventually realize that there is more to life than such, and that, I’ve realized what I really wanted in life.

I just want to be happy.

Why some relationships need to be ended drastically to the point of cursing each other? Whenever I recall some of my past relationships, all I can think are countless what if’s and what might have been. Sometimes you just can’t make explanations of why things happen when they wouldn’t be a part of your life anyway, or maybe if you are meant to learn from such, why through them?

Letting go is just one part of life each and every one is not exempted to. Memories, people, its very painful to think that one day, you will no longer get hold of the things most precious to you, that no matter how many tears you weep, the only thing you can do will be just reminisce.

I’m so afraid to see myself in that phase of my life someday. I’d rather be numb and indolence than to watch each pieces of what made me who I am slowly dripping off of my grip.

That’s why sometimes, I just prefer not to hold tight the things, I know, eventually will dessert me.

That point of feeling nothing anymore, im afraid of that, especially if it will be towards the person I wanted to spend my life with. Yung sabi nga ng iba na dumadating ang lahat ng relasyon sa puntong wala na talaga, pagod na.

Ayoko. Hindi pepwede.

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