Monday, October 24, 2011

Laguna - You look familiar.

I went to Laguna last Saturday, and its been almost a year that I haven’t been there. It felt quirky. Tsk. So im just sharing you some of the shots I took. I want to be a photographer someday so, these shots are pretty frustrating, haha obviously has no resemblance to my dream of becoming a photographer. Haha so there =)
kakalagpas pa lang namin nito ng alabang.


Carmona, siguro mga 30 mins. away na lang toh to Sta. Rosa.

Skies :))

Well this is Metropolis before and ito lang ata ang mall na alam kong may swimming pool sa loob.

And yeah, That's it :D

Tsugi Time

Death is coming, I can feel that in my every bone.

I’ve been feeling lots of chest pains lately. It feels like a knife stabbed in my chest, so painful. These aches aren’t brought by any pathetic romantic clich├ęs, it’s a physiological sickness; fathom, detrimental.

I know that life here on earth is no everlasting, people breath and die, and so are you, and so am i. And piece by piece, these thoughts will be breath into something tangible, something vulnerable. And if that time come, oh yeah.