Friday, August 3, 2012

Book Review: Die For Me & Until I die by Amy Plum

I have spent my weeks reading these books by Amy Plum. At first, i was skeptical of even glancing at its very first page, i'm not a fan of romance novels and thought i would never be, but as i have read the first few pages of the book, I was caught off-guard, I gagged for it, drooled for it, and breathed on its every momentum, and now i feel that it is a part of me.

I am frantically a hopeless romantic person, i would never deny that, and this book had all the right words, people and circumstance written to bleed what exactly i am fantasizing for myself.

Kate Beamont Mercier and Vincent Delacroix's love story has became the major motion picture playing in my mind as i enter my fictional world whenever i have the chance to. It just not become a habit, but an addiction, and i'm ecstatic every now and then.

Kate's profound affection for art and everything under the umbrella of all the things weird and quirky a normal 17 year old girl would never put herself into, has always been congruent with mine. And she being the   life of an undead too good too be true supposedly 80 year-old revenant but was trapped on a body of a 19 year old way too gorgeous guy, has come on my senses delicious by default.

I know they're not real. But at least with them and their story, i can find my reverie.

I can't wait for the trilogy (If I Should Die), despite having me not want the story to have its end still very frolic of what would happen next.

Paris, France. I will go there someday too. Insane it may sound, but I am going to find my own kate-vincent love story there. :))))