Friday, September 16, 2011

Ang mga trulab ko


Compare to all the mornings I’ve woke up to, this one’s the most thankful and blessed I’ve ever felt. Its no strange for me to wake up alone, do the house chores myself, prepare my own food and eat alone, sleep with only pillows as my fellow. Its how my everyday goes by. I’m used to it and probably would live a life in the future same as how I live my life now. But you know what’s weird, this complete situation makes me even closer to the people im not with everyday. My mom, though she come home only every Friday of the week because of her work, I feel like she’s always in the house cooking foods for us like she used to when I was a child. I feel like she’s still waking me up every morning whenever I have a class to attend to. My father, though he would leave the house early and come late at night, I feel like he’s still hanging with us all day, constantly repeating his classic jokes with us booing him then and there. My sister, though she’s in school almost the entire day, I feel like I’m still talking to her about my stuffs, my personal secrets and even arguing with her about plenty of things we used to argue. I’m alone by the house all day, and maybe those sacrifices that each and everyone of us do for the sake of the family tie us even more.

Things started to be complicated when my father got stroked on the midst of October, right before his 43rd birthday. Thank God the damage wasn’t that severe, but the impact on our family, that the only breadwinner we have, turned into someone less strong, it brought us to our knees. That moment where we woke up in the morning with my father cant barely stand himself up and speak clearly, everything seemed went slow-mo. My mom was yelling ‘na-stroke ung papa nyo tawagan nyo mga auntie nyo !’, I was numb and speechless, but I can feel that my entire body was shaking. A part of me is shattered and the worst thing is I can do nothing but to stand and cry.

That night was a nightmare to me and my family. Every time we used to reminisce things, that part of our lives is a no no to tackle. I temporarily stopped school. My father is now doing good and were maintaining his health to be better and better and in god’s will, be as how his health was before he went through stroke. My father and my mother now work to regain the financial catastrophe we’ve experienced and also for me to continue my studies this coming October.

You can’t really conclude things. You can’t tell when and where a storm will hit you. And you can’t tell how long or how short you’ll be with your loved ones.

That experienced turned me into someone responsible, family oriented, and god-fearing even person I never was. We know that things happen for a reason and such those circumstances brought us to be even closer and happier with our lives.

I love my family, and that no storm will nor problem will part our ways. I know god is looking after us, and thus we will be happy and blessed no matter what. J

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