Thursday, February 2, 2012


Assignment ng pinsan ko sa Basic Photography nila, ako na lang yun nagmodel. Hha. =)


As the cold whispers of the wind gleam through each and every strand of my hair, I have loved you for millionth chances. One breath away, I know you’re somewhere staring at the same star I’m devoting my creeds upon.

Wishes are never been odd for me, same with those undying fairytales and happy endings books have taught me well. I have been so afraid for so long, knowing that despite the entire make believes I make, I will never find my prince charming. I have thought that I will be forever jailed in the dungeon strengthen by all the anxiety, fears and prejudice I had built my own. Far from promises and vows, I isolate myself from breaking and believing in such. Thought that I was then, I refused to search anymore, but then without any further notice, you came.

Goodbye became a word of another many tomorrows yet to come, I have never felt this secured, happy, free yet protected before. I have spent my life believing that love’s a barter of anything you have and anything you would be, but with you I spend none, I gamble none yet you gave me what is I thought more than I deserve.

My heart had been damaged beyond repair, and so is my trust for people, for feelings, emotions and many other things I never valued then, but not until you grabbed my hand and strengthens each and every fiber of my flesh verging on solemnity.

You’re not maybe the prince charming who would kiss me to wake me up from a long narcolepsy, or the prince charming that would put the other pair of my shoes on perfectly, but I know you’re the guy I would be making my own fairytale with, my happy ending with, and our own story of a happily ever after. :)


I feel tired, so tired. All this things that I need to accomplish, authority to oblige, title to be maintained, I am so tired of being strong. For once in a while, I want to be someone ordinary, someone who care less about the world, someone who don’t have these baggages around her shoulder. 

I want to fly and go to places I have only read in books, go the highest mountains, reach the clouds and watch the little lights as they blink like a petite damsel dancing happily, sleep in the fields with my hands put under my head, climb trees and watch the sun fades giving  way to the moon, count the stars, sing with the wind, feel the breeze’s cold embrace, stride wherever my feet bring me to, talk to the moon. I want to be free. Free from all the pressure, expectations, labels, competitions, and from the society’s a must to oblige norms.

I just want my childhood back again. Those days where a simple candy can already make my day. Those days where love is just a story of a girl who met a guy who happened to be a prince, and that they live happily ever after. Those days where friends are just a block away. Those days where life isn’t that complicated yet.
I just want some break.