Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ang alamat ng paglalakbay patungo sa pagkuha ng makahiya :)

Namukid din ako noong sabado, namitas ng makahiya (inutusan kasi ako ng nanay ko) tsaka nagpipikchur pikchur sa mga talahib. May nakita akong halaman na may mga bunga na kasing laki lang nang pinagsamang apat na munggo, mukha syang maliit na kundol kaya pinikchuran ko ang kyut kyut kasi, hehe.

At pagkatapos pumunta kami sa gotohan na palagi kong kinakainan noong high school. Ganoon na ganoon pa rin yung lasa, yung presyo ganoon pa din, murang mura ! tumataginting na Syete. Ang mura diba? Pero noong high school para sa akin e kasumpa sumpa na ang syete pesos na goto na yun. Anyway, nagpikchur pikchur din ako sa gotohan, haha ganoon talaga pag-artista =)
At bago matapos ang lahat, bumili kami ng tinapay na tag-ootso pesosesoses, matamis, chocolate yung flavor. Kung saan man sya gawa, basta ang sarap sarap ! :D

nyihihi :D

Anyway eto yung mga ibang shots na shinat ko. haha watever.

                                                                 julalay ko.

At ayun, hindi pa natapos doon ang araw ko, nagpunta naman ako sa bahay ng kaibigan ko para pagkwentuhan ng paulit ulit ang mga talambuhay namin, mga planong pagpunta sa kung saan saan at mga lalaki na din. Haha. At yun. Tapos na.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Laguna - You look familiar.

I went to Laguna last Saturday, and its been almost a year that I haven’t been there. It felt quirky. Tsk. So im just sharing you some of the shots I took. I want to be a photographer someday so, these shots are pretty frustrating, haha obviously has no resemblance to my dream of becoming a photographer. Haha so there =)
kakalagpas pa lang namin nito ng alabang.


Carmona, siguro mga 30 mins. away na lang toh to Sta. Rosa.

Skies :))

Well this is Metropolis before and ito lang ata ang mall na alam kong may swimming pool sa loob.

And yeah, That's it :D

Tsugi Time

Death is coming, I can feel that in my every bone.

I’ve been feeling lots of chest pains lately. It feels like a knife stabbed in my chest, so painful. These aches aren’t brought by any pathetic romantic clichés, it’s a physiological sickness; fathom, detrimental.

I know that life here on earth is no everlasting, people breath and die, and so are you, and so am i. And piece by piece, these thoughts will be breath into something tangible, something vulnerable. And if that time come, oh yeah.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Letter To My Romeo

It’s been 2 years now. Days, Weeks, Months, Years, they come and went so fast.

Now’s the exact day and month when we embraced the relationship we once don’t know how to steer towards happiness. It’s the day I said yes, the day you promised me the world, and the day we started counting forever, together. We started as strangers, complete strangers, who would have thought that we will end up celebrating our 2nd anniversary today? Life’s indeed unpredictable, and I’m glad you’re the surprise life gave me.

You’re the kind of guy who would prefer not to live on any shade of glitz and glamour, you’re you, and I’m so happy that you’ve given that piece of your world, simple and true. I love it when you stare at me like I’m the prettiest, when obviously I’m at my worst. Your hands that I always mock bigger than my feet, that’s the same and only hand I want to hold mine till the day all the strands of my hair went silver. I love everything about you, I just don’t tell you that often, for simply staring at you is always enough for me.

I might have always call you ‘bilbilin’ and ‘pata’, I might have hurt your feelings sometimes ( kahit parehas nating alam na bilbilin ka talaga ) but it doesn’t really mean that I want you to be skinnier, it doesn’t mean that im not okay about it for in fact, I always want to cuddle you for having those ‘friends’ of yours. Haha maybe you’re wondering now why this ‘bilbilin’ portion of this letter went so long, haha sige bilbilin, I’ll stop it na. Haha :P


We’re growing older, and yeah I will admit that I’m missing you more each day. Im always afraid that you’ll change, that your feelings will slowly fade, but trust, I have lots on you, and I know that you also have the same on me.

You’ve once told me that 1 year, 2 years, 3 years or even 4 years are nothing compare on the struggles and obstacles yet impending on every relationships, and on ours. I know that, and I also know that you’re still the person I will be spending those N years yet to come.

I know were young still, naïve still, but if this isn’t true love yet, there will be no way it wouldn’t be. Your love made me see through life, made me realize things out of the umbrella of childishness. You’ve made me a better person than I was before. You’ve given me the kind of love that strengthens the soul and that that weakens the knees. And that’s the kind of love I want to give you forever.

Happy 2nd anniversary boo :) , I know where not still halfway through to the so called ‘forever’, but I know we’ll get there someday too. Our skin will be as wrinkled as a crumpled paper, Our memory will be like puzzle, piece by piece will gone, Our speech might deteriorate too, but no defects will hinder me from showing you, and making you feel how much you mean the world to me.

I love you so much boo, Happy anniversary. :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


At this phase of my life, I don’t know what I want anymore.

Every day passes by so fast and I’m wondering, why.
People, places, faces, promises, they’re constantly changing leaving me no cue of whether there’s still something left for me to start with, or nothing at all.
I don’t know why these gradual changes sadden me, nearly to take the entire amusement out my entity.
I’m lost, perhaps deserted.
I long for the light I’ve lost, for the spark I’ve dulled.
Sleeping seems to be my only amphetamine, for each morning feels worse than being drugged by all the poisons anyone’s earthly vial can filth into.
My mind’s in its state where it can think no more of rest and liberty.
I am jailed by all the insensitivity and self-centeredness of the people I thought I can count on when life will be a little mean and harsh.
That’s what I thought so, and yes, I stand corrected.
I humiliate my own pride, and them, they’re all set up for having the best of their lives.
I’m so tired taking good care of those people and still, getting the blame at the end of the day.
My self’s my own family, my only family.
And that if I don’t stand tall, I will be left defeated.
But the sad part is, no matter how many victory I earn, no matter how great my revenge will be, inside my heart, soul and identity I am more than defeated.
They’re my family, we share the same blood and flesh, and that no matter how cruel and rude they are to me, no matter how worse and emotionally fatal they make me feel, the only thing I can do is to feel it.

* sigh

It’s hard to escape when there is no at least one good way to stride to.
I just want to be free.
Free from all these mental slavery and stuff.
Happiness maybe isn’t on the cards for me yet.
But, I know soon, I’ll be happy too.