Sunday, December 23, 2012


I woke up in shallow chitters
It’s 3 am and there’s nothing but darkness
And the thin membrane of vulnerability
I tried to lulled myself to sleep, my mind failed me.

I plugged earpiece to my auricles
Hoping to overpower my throbbing heart
Rather, it filled me with abstract emotions
Ghosts of the past had come back.

I’m drenched with raw pathetic emotions
My blanket, soaked with melancholy
From childhood to now, I’m afraid of nightmares
But tonight, I’d rather be swallowed by one.

A cold wind drained my blood in a rush
My head felt the jitter from a catapult
My heart somersaulted in my chest
I leaped from the bed and from the reality.

It wasn’t just a dream,
You’re not on my side, and you’ve never been.


I woke up with the sunlight stinging my eyes. My body had recuperated enough, but my mind's restless. I dragged the blanket to cocoon myself to its calming softness. I looked at the clock, it's 10 in the morning and my feet tingle with pain.  

The weather's joyous, it's a good day for wandering,but walking is the list thing on my list. I grabbed for my phone but it's out of my reach and i'm otiose enough to extend an arm. I burrowed my face to my pillow, my hair smelled of vanilla and morning fog. If it's just any ordinary day, i'm already groomed and face-slumped into a book, but this day's no ordinary, so is last night.  

I squeezed my pillow against my thumping heart, 10 minutes more and i'm going to kiss the day good morning, but while my mind's still nuzzling with the solitariness it ironically enjoys, i'm going to drift away from the reality and french kiss the cosmic world i hold dear.