Monday, May 14, 2012

I was once a writer

The back view of the shirt my school paper adviser gave me, 5 years ago. She bought it during the Calabarzon School Press Conference on 2008. I failed to make it to the Regionals that is why she just bought me a shirt as a token of gratitude instead. I garnered 5th place during the Division School Press Conference in Feature Writing, and technically I am really legible to proceed to the Regionals since the rule says that the top 7 of each category are the ones that will be chosen, but the rule also says that only one student per school, of each category can pursue to the Regionals, and unfortunately, my fellow Stentor (our English publication) writer bagged the 4th place, making me off of the list. It sucked, it really does. To have you realize that you’ve outshined the other 70 + writer from different school, and that the only competitor you need to obstruct came from one of your colleague, a total disappointment. I lost the chance, leaving me thinking every night of what might have been.

But its 5 years now, and I’m over it. Haha, my only point is that I just want to share the picture. So there you have it. Pardon for the drama :)

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