Monday, May 14, 2012

A Human Pickle

So I am pickled inside the house, not going anywhere for a month, aside from my bed, the kitchen and the bathroom. This might not be as exciting (no excitement at all) as how school vacation supposed to be, but I am happy though. I am a lazy cat. I can spend my entire day just sleeping, so this is really fulfilling for me despite how exciting it is to be outdoor during the summer. I am a home dude, and I am having my summer the best it can be. This is not just about making an excuse for having no allowance for me to avail the getaway I want, hahaha, even if I do have the money, I’ll still prefer to stay at home and maybe just spend every peso I have with burgers, and fries, and ice creams, and perhaps sleep again. Vacation Grande my style. :)

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