Thursday, February 2, 2012


I feel tired, so tired. All this things that I need to accomplish, authority to oblige, title to be maintained, I am so tired of being strong. For once in a while, I want to be someone ordinary, someone who care less about the world, someone who don’t have these baggages around her shoulder. 

I want to fly and go to places I have only read in books, go the highest mountains, reach the clouds and watch the little lights as they blink like a petite damsel dancing happily, sleep in the fields with my hands put under my head, climb trees and watch the sun fades giving  way to the moon, count the stars, sing with the wind, feel the breeze’s cold embrace, stride wherever my feet bring me to, talk to the moon. I want to be free. Free from all the pressure, expectations, labels, competitions, and from the society’s a must to oblige norms.

I just want my childhood back again. Those days where a simple candy can already make my day. Those days where love is just a story of a girl who met a guy who happened to be a prince, and that they live happily ever after. Those days where friends are just a block away. Those days where life isn’t that complicated yet.
I just want some break.

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