Saturday, December 3, 2011

Tading !

The rain is blowing hard outside. It’s not a good night for walking and some of the stuffs I usually do. I’m alone in the house, with my laptop, I’m trying to be someone as poetic as the coldness of the breeze, but then, I can’t. My mind’s too lazy to be somehow productive, or at least ‘convincible’. It’s been a while since I’ve posted something on this blog, so just to signal that I still exist, here, try to comprehend with these ramble thoughts me myself don’t even understand.

Oh rain, please be good. Can you please catalyze your amount and fall dramatically just like on the Hollywood movies, we’ve used to watch together? I need an inspiration. I really do, so rain, if you will not cooperate, all of this crap I have made, I will blame it onto you. Bleeh.


Oh yeah, an hour have already passed, and the rain, still as frolic as a clumsy child. I better end this thing now. By the way I made it to the dean’s list. Um, just nothing. Hehe.



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