Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dear, we are Forbidden.

I had never felt this free and convicted put together. It was never my plan to be that girl I know I never am. Life’s a gigantic ocean of lie and truth, but I went blind and numb to take a step without knowing how deep and cold the water would be. By the moment I find myself drowning, I closed my eyes and strongly hold each and every breath left, I take a step back, I went clueless of what pushed me to have a grasp of something I’m not even sure of, now there is nothing left but remorse and guilt. Death is only seconds away, now its too late to regret.

It started as sweet as the kiss of the morning breeze, pure and naïve. To let it just go has never been an option to me, for I make sure my walls are strong enough to not be brittle for any pretenses. That’s what I thought.

Nights went so gorgeous than most of the nights ive seen, I started believing that this feeling’s just beautiful, by nature beautiful, and there’s nothing to be worried about. That’s what I thought.

How a complete stranger became someone I started sharing my thoughts about many many things with? How I became careless of the things I said, emotions I showed and feelings I shared that im starting to forget my defenses. I gave myself a scrutinizing stare and told it to make sure things wont mess, I felt secured that I can still pause for a minute and put things to where they should be. But again, that’s what I thought.

Normal. That’s what I thought things are. But when I become even closer to him, closer than mere stares and skins fritting, I started to be afraid, be very afraid.

Its just a kiss. But whenever I reminisced that ‘kiss’, his smell, his heat, his hands intertwined with mine, how the moon is glaring with our souls, the humid brought by the sea, the coldness of the wind and the strong pounds of my heart, its not just a kiss. Its more than anything I,ve ever tasted. Way overwhelming than that of with someone I am really attached to. I mean legally attached to. 

We both went stupid. The both of us are undeniably committed, he’s already married and I have a boyfriend of two years now. How dumb and truce I became! 

Now I don’t know how to act like nothing really happened, pretend that nothing really mattered. I would be a great liar if I would say that I didn’t mean anything about it, for in fact, I like every single thing we did, that I can’t help but to replay them in my mind every single night. 

Love. It’s what I feel, yes, it’s what I really feel. But I don’t have any right to have that feeling for him, for in any possible angle, we can’t really be, never will be.

I guess this feeling will vanish too, I know it would be so hard, but letting go is just the right thing to do. It would take weeks, months, and maybe years, but I know I’ll be over him too. I’ll be over him too.

Its just a kiss. I loved him once, and for me, that would always be enough.


  1. Wow! you are a great writer. But I'm curious, Did this really happened?

  2. this post just describe how i felt once ..

  3. that point in your life where you no longer know what is right from wrong. but despite, it does feel good indeed.

  4. yah, it feels go0d as in really go0d but it's still wrong..
    i'm glad u made the right decision. :]