Thursday, November 3, 2011

CHANGE – You seem so improbable.

I am not the most lovable person in the planet but when I love, I give my all. People misunderstood me for not being serious on any relationship that I embrace, and I can’t blame them for that, that’s my defense mechanism. Most often than not, I am showing the robust side of me so that I can protect something soft on the inside.

I show how I feel through the things and way I know simple but sincere. I am not a fan of gifts, chocolates, roses and some of those clichés, for I firmly believe that love is more than those fancy-fancy things. So when it comes to receiving some things, I’d rather receive a letter.

The longest relationship I’ve been is 2 years, and yes we’re counting still. We’ve just celebrated our 2nd anniversary last Oct. 25th and, yeah, um, things start to go sour. He’s always busy, and I understand him though. He is a good and a diligent man and I commend him for that. He’s always about his family and that thing about him really impresses me the most, but, I think he’s starting to be over occupied by that thinking that he’s starting to forget that he’s growing old, that he starting to forget me, he’s starting to forget us.
He’s very much different unlike any other guys. He would go malling simply wearing a shirt, his jersey shorts and a pair of slippers. He also care less about how he look, how his hair look, he could even spend the rest of the day without putting stuffs on his face in which some guys of his age wouldn’t be so cool about. He is very simple, way simpler than a piece of a blank paper.

When we’re together, he would constantly kiss me in the hands, in my cheek, in my forehead, in my shoulder, in my neck etc, and would tell me words of love almost every 3 minutes. He’s sweet in his own ways without forgetting to be gentleman still.

He would tell me to stop smoking, stop drinking and he even contradict me of my plan of getting a tattoo. ‘Paano kapag nangailangan ng dugo yung anak naten e di hindi na pwede yung sayo? Pagkulang yung akin e paano na.’ He would tell me that every time I open the topic about me getting a tattoo and he never fails to make me think twice no more of him being the person I will be spending forever with. I’ve never been this appreciated and secured like when I’m with him, in my entire life. I am the eldest child prior for me to have all the obligations, expectations and responsibilities, but when I’m with him, I feel so relieved and free from all the fears.

So what’s the problem now?

He’s changing. He wouldn’t even text me for weeks, and one time he forgot to greet me on our monthsary with his reason that he slept the whole day. Who do you think your fooling huh, slept for two consecutive days? Common, tsk !

He is the second boyfriend I had, and if our relationship didn’t work well, im  going to make sure that the third one will be the last.


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