Monday, February 18, 2013


It’s 4.30 in the morning, and I‘m sitting on my bed, thinking of ways I can find someone who is utterly unearthly, has a mystic power, breath-takingly handsome and is meant to take me to wherever journey he has to go, to unravel the hollows in his life and to introduce me to things I would never have thought of. Pretty haywire I know, never in my life will I escape reality, so instead, I’m merging two worlds in one.

There is this boy in my school, and his stares felt like he’s going to devour me right on the very spot and I won’t mind. His eyes are the coldest I’ve ever seen, and everything about him shouts peril and cavalier, but since then, I forgot how to decipher such signs. He doesn’t know his face is the same face in my daydreams, he doesn’t know I’ve already kissed him a thousand times, he doesn’t know he almost hit the second base, he doesn’t know we’ve already sailed through the Caribbean, he doesn’t know we’ve already spent a summer at the Cote d’ Azure, he doesn’t know he’d promised to marry me for an infinity of reincarnation, he doesn’t know he had already slew numbers of Numa to save me, he doesn’t know he had already threw himself to a herd of Lost Souls for me to escape, he doesn’t know he’d been almost killed by Raveners when he rescued me from a fight, he doesn’t know he will beat the odds only for us to be together he doesn’t know he loves me, he doesn’t know I love him.

In my head, our love gets stronger as days pass. In my head we are each other’s antidote. He doesn’t know all of this and I’m sure he will never do, but at least in my head I love him, and he loves me more. 

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