Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Baby :’>

You can never really define love until someone will come and define it for you.

I’m not the type of person who’s always ‘pa-sweet’ and sorts whenever they are with the person they like. I would just be me, if he won’t notice me then so be it. But no matter how frigid and cold you are, there will always be that special someone who will turn you into the total reciprocal of who you used to be. And in my case, I’ve found that person.

Its feels so amazing realizing how gigantic the world is, with a billion numbers of strangers, and yet you’ve found that special apple among the mob, it’s magical. 

That feeling when a simple smile is melting every single heart beat you have, when a mere stare is shaking the entire strength out you. That no matter how much you focus on the words he speak, you can’t just resist to be amazed by how special the person talking in front of you is, by how lucky you are that in a billion of people in the world, he chose you.

You can’t help but to daydream about the both of you growing old together with, looking back to all the heart aches, pains and letting go, you know everything had been paid-off way beyond enough.

Hay love, it can really make you or break you. You can never predict what will going to happen, who will going to come. And that I’ve learned that searching, chasing for everything isn’t really a good thing to do.

 Wait, that’s what I did, patience, that’s what I’ve learned, the right guy, that’s who I’ve got. And now I’m happy, superbly happy. J

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