Wednesday, August 18, 2010

10.25 **

* you are my sweetest downfall ..


you're the second best thing happened to my life. the invincible pain i will never wish to eradicate. the childhood memory i always reminisce for me to get to sleep. the star i wish not to fall for your light is the only thing that makes me lift my head still and pray. the rain i enjoy playing to. the candy i prefer not to eat and have with me sleep in bed instead. the blanket whenever im afraid. the song i always sing in my heart -- out loud. the face i know i''ll always share my ups and downs with. the name i'll always call my sweetheart.. my sweetest downfall. things might change and time might fall for its own will. but your memory. your stare. your voice will remain perpetual in my heart and soul. no amnesia nor Alzheimer's Disease can make me forget you. no arthritis nor backpain can make me not reach your hand. not any painful fight nor inevitable aging can make my love for you conditional. for even when were already incapable of lifting our feet to walk our lips to speak clearly even when your skin is already as crumpled as the paper your hair as white as the clouds your eyes as blur as the moist of the morning dew. your still my only love. my one and only love.

.. i love you first.

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