Friday, July 2, 2010


yes im young enough. my perspectives are too naive. my ideas are too immature. and maybe i don't have any backgrounds yet to simplify things in my own words and understanding. its not really and never was a plan of mine to flaunt things as though i am good in doing such. it just happened that i get tired of proving others that i have what it takes to be seen branded, to be labeled as cool, but in search of ways to configure my stature with the bling blings of now's standard of known one's, i get tired. too tired. i sat down. took a nap. and put the spotlight on the inner me..


im currently reading books written by Filipino writers that for me are simply astonishing. they showcases the simplicity of life. the purity of being imperfect, of being just. and later on, i found they're beliefs way cooler. not certainly they're beliefs but the realness of the facts, of the humors and the captivating essentials of you never thought the mere truth.


i want to be like them. i want to experience what they have experienced. i want not to be SOMEONE but just someone who have proven that i have lived my life the way it should be, and that my books are the witnesses. i want to be a writer someday. i want to share my thoughts and my ideals whether it would be liked or not. i want to be as real as i could ever be. i want to touch lives through my books as how other writers touched mine. i want that someday to be now.


that for me is what COOL really is. and i'm on my way in figuring out ways to to be one.


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